Halloween Mantle

It’s officially fall. Finally! I’ve been waiting awhile for it. Here at the castle, we start off with a small amount of fall decor, swing into October with an overload of Halloween, and finally settle in for  a more traditional fall decor for Thanksgiving. Since it’s almost October, I guess it’s time to rip off the band-aid and start the Halloween extravaganza. I’m starting with a simple Halloween Mantle.

Halloween Mantle

Over the years, I’ve gone from a heavily decorated mantle to a more simple understated one. I’ve come to believe that you don’t have to spend a fortune or put everything in the Halloween closet on the mantle!  This philosophy could be because I’ve grown lazy in my old age and don’t want to dust. Nah! I’m going with the simple and understated theory .

halloween jack-o-lanterns

We used to be THAT family here at the castle.

You know, the ones that went way overboard in their decor.

We justified the over decorating by the fact that we would have a huge Halloween party every year.

Good times!

Halloween mantle

Over time, that has changed.

Sadly, the boys have grown up and the parties have gone by the wayside.

The boys get upset if I don’t decorate for Halloween at all.

So, I try and keep the sentimental things out, decorate in a more cute not creepy way, and keep the cost and dusting to a minimum.

halloween banner

This years Halloween mantle has a lot of old favorites and a few new items too.

I love my “Got Candy” and felt ball banners.

Definitely, some of my favs!

Halloween mantle


New to the mantle this year are the orange and black glittery floral picks.

Honestly, I’m not even sure what they are suppose to be.


Whatever they are, they are perfect filler and give a slightly spooky look!

Halloween Mantle

Honestly, my Halloween mantle may not be as elaborate as it has been in years past, but I’m loving the simplicity of it this year.

Now, it’s time for me to get busy decorating the rest of the castle.

Until next time….




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