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How To Make Damask Pumpkins

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I promised that I wouldn’t share any more pumpkins with you this fall. However, I saw some recently and thought “Hey, I could make those”. Then I thought that maybe you would like to make some too.  So today I’m sharing how to make damask pumpkins!

How to make damask pumpkins

These mini pumpkins were super easy to make and are the perfect decoration in my dining room. 

how to make damask pumpkins

Here’s what you will need to make your pumpkins:

Guest Napkins or towels.

I always keep a stack of these in all kinds of patterns and colors for guest to use in my powder room. Where do you buy them? If you start looking for them, you will find them every where. My favorites are Home Goods, Party City and Tuesday Morning.

Mod Podge glue.

Pumpkins. The size of your choice. I used some mini white pumpkins that I already had on hand.


Paint brush

guest napkins

Before I go much further, I want to share that I spent an entire morning driving from store to store looking for a navy patterned napkin.

No navy anywhere.

I knew that I had seen some in the perfect navy pattern recently, I just couldn’t remember where.

When I got home I decided to check my stash for a different color.

Guess what? Turns out I had seen that pattern recently. In my stash! ( eye roll!!!!)

guest napkin

Step one, remove the top layer of your napkin from the bottom layer.

This is easy to do, simply peel it off.

cutting napkin

Since my napkin had a border, I cut it off.

Then, I cut my napkin into 1 1/2 to 2 inch strips.

Mod Podge pumpkin

Next, it’s time to add the napkin to your pumpkin.

I already had white pumpkins, however if you don’t, paint them white before adding the napkin strips to your pumpkin.

Paint the Mod Podge onto your pumpkin in about 2 1/2 inch area.

Gently lay your paper strip onto the pumpkin.

how to make damask pumpkins

Using your paint brush, carefully press down the napkin onto the pumpkin.

Once this is done, paint Mod Podge over the napkin that you just applied to the pumpkin.

Don’t worry to much about wrinkles, as the glue dries some of them will disappear.

Also, you will be able to gently rub some of them out when the pumpkin dries a little more.

Repeat this step, section by section, until your pumpkin is covered.

How to make damask pumpkins

That’s it, that’s how to make damask pumpkins.

Since I love you, I’m got a few tips for your pumpkins.

When attaching the napkin, try not to over lap too much.

You will have some over lap, however in this case less is more.

Using a hair dryer on the pumpkin’s bottom will dry it out enough to be able to set it down with out it sticking to the table.

To keep your napkins from tearing, don’t over work pressing the napkin to the pumpkin.

Happy Pumpkin making!

Until next time…..





Tammy from Patina and Paint


    1. Happy fall to you too Rita! I’m loving the pumpkins. Although my Halloween crazy family is already dragging out the Halloween decor. Sigh…. I’m still leaving my pumpkins up.

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