Halloween Mantle

For the first time in many years I changed the decor of my Halloween mantle.


I think it is safe to say that Halloween is one of our favorite holidays here at the castle. We love to decorate, make our own costumes, trick or treat, and host Halloween parties! Over time, our taste in decor has changed. A lot!


In years past, our Halloween mantle had skeleton heads, black crows, spider webs and lots of scary stuff.

If left up to me, the mantle theme would be all retro 40’s Halloween decor like the black cat you see on the mantle. It reminds me of the Halloween decor my mom had when we were growing up. I definitely plan on keeping my eye out for more!


This years Halloween mantle showcases glowing pumpkins, owls, black cats, and candles. Oh, and lots of glitter!


For the first time ever, I have a bunting on the fireplace. I have never had a bunting before, mainly because I have never seen one that I loved enough to make. I found the cutest bunting at Polkadot Chair and thought that I would give it a try.


I love it!! It adds so much personality to the mantle.


The light up owl and pumpkins are also new this year. I purchased them from the Dollar Tree. I love that they are covered in glitter, you all know that this girl loves shiny things, and that the lights change colors.


Another cute Dollar Tree find are the glow in the dark eyes.  Warning: they do not glow! I’m not sure if they just don’t work or if they don’t get enough sunlight to charge during the day. Either way, they sure are cute whether they glow or not.

My sweet dog, Sadie, wanted to be a part of the mantle decor apparently. Either that or she is impatiently waiting for a treat! Yeah, probably the treat.


One of my favorite things to use in any vignette is books. Halloween is no exception. It helps that I have a few that fit into the Halloween theme.


Now that my Halloween mantle is finished I can’t wait to make the rest of the castle BOO -tiful! Time to get our Halloween decor on.


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