How To Make A Glowing Witch’s Hat

Today I want to show you my quest on how to make a glowing witch’s hat!


I say quest because it’s taken me three a few tries to get it right!

I first saw how to make a glowing witch’s hat on Pinterest.  Those witches hats were so darn cute, I knew that I was going to try and make one.

Let me be honest here.  Pins that have featured glow in the dark material have not been kind to me. At. All. They usually do not glow in the dark. They don’t glow at all.

To say that I had a few reservations, would be an understatement.


Here’s what you will need to make your glowing witch’s hat: Glow sticks.


Witch’s hat.

Fishing line and a needle.  Jump rings found in the jewelry section.


Thread your needle with about 2 feet of fishing line.  Thread your needle through the point of the witches hat, pulling the thread all the way through, leaving  about 12 inches of fishing line on the inside of the hat.


Using the 12 inches of fishing line, tie a few knots around a gold jump ring.


Attach your glow stick to the jump ring. Finish pulling the fishing line through on the outside of the hat.

You are now ready to hang your glowing witch’s hat!


I hung my witch’s hats in the tree above my patio along with a few halloween lanterns.

Now here’s where it gets crazy. Remember I said that  glow in the dark and I don’t get along? Well, I  have to say that the hats did glow. A little. Not a lot.


So I thought about it a few days and decided that I would try again. The first glow sticks were green. This time I would buy blue, yellow and pink and see if one color would glow more than another. Also, I used one six inch stick in each hat the first time around. This time I would start with two sticks and work up to four. Maybe I just needed more sticks for the hats to glow.


It’s almost dark. Can you find the glowing hats? No? Me either. I waited until  it was totally dark to see if they would show up better. No.

Round three: I added one more glow stick.


Sorry the pictures are so grainy, but you CAN see that the witch’s hats really do glow. A little.


I thought that the lanterns may be outshining the witches hats, so I turned them off. You could barely see the hats! Seems that the lanterns light actually helped illuminate the witches hats.


There is nothing like sitting outside at night on the patio. The glow from the lanterns and the witches hats set the mood perfectly! It’s still warm here, so we even get a few lightning bugs!

Although it took me three tries, this may be the only glow in the dark pin that has worked for me. I love these glowing witches hats. Super fun, super inexpensive and super easy. My favorite kind of project! I hope that you enjoyed how to make a glowing witch’s hat and try a few for yourself!


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  1. I always do my front porch up in a witch scape. This is perfect. I also have failed at glow in the dark projects, but I am going to give this one a try. Thank you for the inspiration

    1. Thank you Stacey! We are having a get together soon with all of the hubs family. I thought that the littles might enjoy it! Even if they don’t, I think that I will!

  2. They came out really cute. I wonder if somehow putting those tea lights inside with velcro would work too. Same here with the glow stuff, I tired to do that one on Pinterest with glowing jars by breaking the glow stick and scraping out the gel like substance into a jar. After many glow sticks, it didn’t even light up like the one featured on Pinterest. But really love this idea as I do my porch in a witchy theme, Many years ago we went to a flea market and this guy was selling witches brooms for $45 and I had to get one. He used an ordinary household broom, spray painted it black, added some black lace to the bristle part and then mounted a bicycle seat on the broom handle.and glued a car key into the broom stick. If I could attach a photo of it, I would. My husband made me another one to match. I have never seen another one like it as they are so unusual. Thanks for your tip on glowing witches hats.

    1. Emma your brooms sound so cute! What a cute idea. I love the key…. I agree, the glow sticks just don’t work that well unfortunately!

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