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Halloween Mason Jar Glasses

I was at Joann’s Fabric today picking up some fabric for a HUGE project that I have been working on, when I saw the cutest thing – Jar Jewelry. Have y’all seen them? I was so excited, as soon as I saw them I knew I wanted to make some Halloween mason jar glasses!

Halloween Mason Jar Glasses

Jar Jewelry is made by Vintologie.  They have decorative jars, lids, labels, and tags- both made of tin and paper. From the moment I saw them I was in love. They are 50% off right now so I bought a few and decided to give them a try.

Halloween Mason Jar 8Here’s what you are going to need:

Mason Jars

Jar Jewelry lids and straws- I only saw the lid inserts, you will need the rings also.

Jar Jewelry bakery tags and twine

Jar Jewelry adhesive peel and stick labels

Krylon Looking glass spray paint

Spray bottle with water in it

Halloween Mason Jar

Joanns had repainted patterned jars for sale, but I had a ton of jars at home. Also, I wanted these for my kitchen table which has a lot of mercury glass decor on it and I wanted my jars to match that.

First thing I did was to spray my jars with water and quickly gave them an even coat of spray paint. The water keeps the paint from adhering in random places and creates that old mercury glass look.

I used both clear and blue mason jars. I LOVED the blue. As you can see above it looked like a cross between old mercury glass and carnival glass! Woo HOO! I remembered that my local grocery had purple mason jars and it was everything I could do not to run up there and grab some to paint!

Halloween mason jar 7

Once the jars had dried, It was time to attach the peel and stick labels. They had several different styles to choose from, but I chose these ones. Kind of wish I had gotten more as they were all 50% off!

Just peel and stick on…

Halloween mason jar 5

The lids and straws come three to a pack. Again they had several styles and colors to choose from. I already had the rings, just pop the lid into the ring and screw onto the jar.

halloween mason jar glass 3After attaching the Happy Halloween bakery tags with twine, these babies were done and ready for the table.

Halloween Mason Jar glass 4Seriously, how easy is that? The hardest part was deciding which labels. lids and tags to buy!

halloween mason jar glassHere’s the blue glass. I love how it came out. Still thinking of buying some purple ones to match my napkins.

This was so easy! I am also toying with spray painting the jar rings to black for some more color. What do you think?

I love how they turned out. Another cool thing? After Halloween is over, I can just peel of the label and switch out to Thanksgiving or Christmas decor. Gotta love the versatility!

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