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Painted Rocking Chair

Painted Rocking Chair 5

A super sweet client of mine gave me the honor of painting her husbands childhood rocking chair. No pressure right? AND  Her daughter wanted to use it in her daughters first year pictures.  YIKES!  This painted rocking chair had to be special….

Did I mention that I live in manland?  OK.. only a billion times. Seriously, my work was cut out for me! OH… and please forgive the photography! Rainy days make for dark pictures…sigh!

Painted rocking chair 2

Although I was raised  with all sisters, it has been a very long time since I have thought about little girl decor. Luckily my client knew exactly how she wanted this chair painted. YES!

painted rocking chair 1

She had recently had me paint some wooden valances to match the bedding in a room she decorated for her granddaughters.  Thank you Pottery Barn! So the chair needed to match the valances. Feeling much better about it.

Painted rocking chair

I think it turned out pretty cute! I can just see tea parties, dress up days, and wild adventures with this chair!

One other thing that made this chair so special for me? It was my first piece that I have ever used a paint sprayer on! Crazy right? I was always such a chicken to use one, but I am a convert for sure!! As you are reading this I am frantically searching my pile of projects for my next spray painting adventure!

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