Happy Memorial Day

As a child, growing up in Oklahoma, I knew that  Memorial Day meant that school was out and it was sweet summer time! By the same token, 4th of July meant that summer was half way over. Sadly, Labor Day meant that summer was over and it was time to put my shoes back on and head to school. If you can’t tell, Summer is my favorite season of all!

Today, Memorial Day not only signals the beginning of Summer, but is a reminder of all of the brave men and women who have died serving in our nations armed forces.  So what better reason to celebrate?

In the past I haven’t decorated that much for Memorial Day, but this year I felt like I needed to make  a little more effort. I made a new wreath and hung on the front door. (If it ever stops raining on my days off I may get the front door painted before it gets too hot!)

I put out a few flags in the front flower beds.

Since I love pinwheels, I snuck a few in with my mini flags!

You all know that I always start decorating with my hutch. I love these patriotic paper fans.

My kitchen table is super simple.  I put a few things together that remind me of summer. Mason jars, bandanas and geraniums! All with a red, white and blue patriotic theme.  My table may seem a little bare, but summertime for me means cleaner and simpler. Less to dust, more time to play.

I found these cute paper straws at the grocery the other day. No surprise that they have a pinwheel on them. Perfect for sipping sweet tea or lemonade!

All that’s left is for some gourmet hamburgers to complete the celebration.

It’s true that I am ready for all things summer. Flip flops, fire flies, sweet tea, gardening, swimming, movies in the back yard and family time!

I’m also ready to spend a day giving thanks to those who have fought and died for our nation, so that we CAN celebrate.

Happy Memorial Day!



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