Monogramed Napkins

Have you ever made monogramed napkins to match your rug? Well, I have!

Since adding a new rug to my dining room, I’ve been trying to add pops of the rug color through out the room. If there is one place I love to add color it’s with my napkins. I’m crazy about fun napkins!

My new rug is a deep hot pink. Almost magenta, with a touch of raspberry in color. Not an easy color to find!

You know me, if i can’t find it, I will make it. Since I don’t have a monogram machine, I decided to paint my monogram on my napkin.

I started with a pack of neutral colored napkins.

I already had a design that I loved and knew would be perfect for my napkin design. I drew mine onto the napkin with a pencil, however I realize that drawing it on isn’t for everyone. If not, using a fabric transfer marker and transfer paper is the solution for you. You can find both of these at Michael’s or Hobby Lobby.

Just trace your design onto the transfer paper, using your fabric transfer pen and then iron it on!

When you are ready to paint, it’s important to use the right medium. I like to use acrylic paints with a fabric medium to make sure that it will adhere well to my fabric. Who wants to do all that painting only to have it come off in the washer? Not me.

Once your paint is mixed, it’s time to paint your design.

Once my design is painted and dried, I like to heat set it with an iron.

This is my finished design.

It was super easy to paint, but best of all it matches my new rug!

My new monogramed napkins may just be my favorite ones ever. Okay, I may say that everytime I get new napkins, but I really, really like these! The hot pink and navy are a perfect match for not only my rug, but the rest of the dining room too!


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    1. Rita you are too funny! Desperate times call for desperate measures. Having a harder time finding that dark pink color than I would have thought!

    1. Thank you Stacey but I have to say I laughed when I read perfectionist. That pink has been harder to find than you would think. I have to admit that I probably wouldn’t have painted the napkins if I had been able to find more accessories with pink in them!

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