I’ve Been Working In The Backyard

Instead of getting my work done, I’ve been working in the backyard instead. Oh, the perils of working from home! Well, that and my lack of an attention span.

I should be painting chairs, a piano and getting ready for a garage sale, but every time I try and start one of those projects I find myself outside instead!

After working all weekend, we finally got the new, improved and larger redneck pool up and running. Every year the Hubs and I try to no avail to get the pool level. I think this is the year we finally got it right! Fingers crossed.

When the redneck pool goes up so does all the stuff that goes with it. Umbrellas, swim up bar, sunscreen, towels and toy containers all get dragged out of storage and set up.

Of course I have to “landscape” the pool so that it looks good too!

This is my pool from last year. As you can see, I still need to put up the bamboo siding around the pool and add a few more flowers and decorations.  Sadly, my beautiful string lights on the swim up bar didn’t make it this year, so I’m on the hunt for something new.

Of course, my hula girl is in full swing.  When Laylani is doing the hula, the pool is open!

When I’ve not been working on the pool, I’ve been doing a little gardening. Trying to figure out what’s trying to kill my tomatoes. Argh! Thank goodness I’ve figured that out!

Putting out a little diatomaceous earth so that the rolly polly’s leave my strawberries alone.  I’m ready for some strawberry shortcake and sweet tea!

You will always find me playing with my flowers in the backyard no matter what I’ve got going on. Just a little deadheading, feeding and water makes for super happy plants!

I’ve got a lot more to do. Fixing a pond leak, replacing some fencing, and planting more flowers. There is always something to do here at the Castle. Get the feeling that I’ll be working in the backyard all summer long? Me too!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to get to work – inside!



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  1. Love your pool, redneck or otherwise! I’ve been working in the yard too. The chores are a little overwhelming in May-June, then the heat sets in in Jul-Aug and it all dies, and we start over again. Wax on, wax off is a phrase I use a lot. 🙂

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