Hearts and Flowers

I have to admit that I had a hard time getting motivated to decorating my Valentine’s Day table with red hearts and flowers! Getting my head wrapped around decorating with red so soon after Christmas, just didn’t sound fun to me.

I was half-heartedly dragging the red decorations out of storage when two things occurred to me. One, I am the boss of the Valentine’s Day decor here at the castle and Two, I can do whatever I want to. So, I did!

After my epiphany, I headed to Hob Lob to do a little shopping. The minute I saw this hotter than hot pink material I knew I had my table inspiration. I like it. I really, really like it!

Not only does this material make awesome napkins, it is also goes perfectly with the navy in my dining room!  It’s an even bigger bonus that I will be able to use the hotter than hot pink napkins long after Valentine’s Day has passed.

The table is decorated with simplicity in mind.  Navy wooden placemats.  Silver chargers. White plates and navy blue stemware.

The plain white table runner is decorated with a white hydrangea centerpiece, ribbon and tiny  pink hearts. I did use hearts and flowers as part of my table decor, they just aren’t red.

No table here at the castle can go without a little bling. Huge diamond napkin rings hold my new hotter than hot pink napkins. Diamonds are a girls best friend after all!

The place cards that I used this year are “love letters”. Each of the love letters has a guests name printed on the inside card. These are super easy to make. You can find out how to make the envelopes here.

Once you have made your envelopes, cut a card slightly smaller than your envelope. Print your guests name onto the card, then place the card inside of your envelope. Your love letter is finished!

The love letters are held up in a standing position by pink glitter clothes pins.

My pink hearts and flowers Valentine’s Day table ended up being decorated in a much more simple style than my past Valentine’s Day tables have.  If you can call the hotter than hot pink color simple!

I think that the reason it is a little more laid back in style may be due to the fact that I feel like I just put my Christmas decorations away. I am really feeling the need for a cleaner, more simple decor style.

Honestly, we all know that that could change tomorrow, but for today my Valentines will all be hotter than hot pink!

Have a wonderful day!



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