Hot Cocoa Bar Jars

supplies to make hot cocoa jars

Earlier this week I shared how to put together a hot cocoa bar with you.   When I was planning my bar I was looking at for containers to put all the things in. However, I didn’t want to spend any money for cute containers. So I decided to use what I had on hand. Today I’m sharing how I made my hot cocoa bar jars with you!

After digging around I found several mason jars that were the right size.

But they were super plain and I wanted cute.

Time to look at my craft supplies.

I found the perfect Christmas scrapbook paper with mugs of cocoa on it.

Add in some Christmas Washi tape and a few embellishments and I was ready to create.

tracing a jar lid onto paper

Step 1

Remove the inner lid cover from your jar lid.

Trace around the lid onto your paper.

Cut out the to attach paper to a jar lid

Step 2

Using double sided tape, adhere the paper to the jar lid.

No-one wants to fight with the paper when unscrewing the jar!

paper covered jar lid

Step 3

Put the lid back onto the jar.

applying washi tape to a jar lid

Step 4

Apply Washi tape to the outside edge of jar lid.decorated hot cocoa jar

I love how the tape dressed up the lid!

Now it was time for labels!red tags

Step 5

Make jar labels.

My labels may or may not be a little over the top, but they sure are cute.

I had these wooden tags left over from another project and they were the perfect size!

All they needed was a couple of coats of red  acrylic paint.

white pen to write on tags

Step 6

Write on your labels!

Once my paint had dried completely, I used this Uniball White pen to write the contents of the jar onto the label.

This is my favorite white pen of all time.

It writes smoothly on everything!

Using some red and white bakers twine, I tied the label to my jars.

decorated jar

Step 7

Embellish the jar tags.

Now my jar was pretty cute with just the red tags tied to them.

BUT, then I glanced over at my Christmas wrapping supplies and saw these white snowflakes and I knew that they could be so much cuter!

I simply hot glued the snowflakes to the edge of the red tags, making sure not to cover up any writing.

There was a hole in the top of the snowflake, so I covered it up using a rhinestone!Hot Cocoa Jars

I think that my hot cocoa bar jars turned out pretty cute.

The best part?

They were super easy to make in no time and they cost me nothing!

That’s a win every time in my book!

Until next time….

Hot Cocoa Jars

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