Random Fall Decor

The Queens, my 7 besties, get together and it’s a free for all. Lots of laughing, lots of sharing and lots of talking. Sometimes, one thing leads to another and one of us is compelled to share about something totally unrelated to the current subject. Which is so confusing. We have decided that when this happens we are required to shout “Random” before we introduce that subject. Today I’m shouting Random, because I’m sharing Random fall decor!

welcome mat

I shared my fall front porch with you last week. I had originally wanted some white mums for the front porch. However, I couldn’t find them anywhere! Until today.

Random fall decor

I found the last two white ones at Walmart.

Don’t get me wrong, I love  the ones that were there before.

It just felt like it was a little too much orange.

I relocated the pretty yellow and orange mums to the partio!

It’s been super rainy here.

Which is great for the plants.

However, the plants aren’t blooming a lot.

The bright orange and yellow mums really brighten up that area.

I put another mum on the new table.

Nothing brightens my day like pretty flowers and a good cup of tea in the morning!

navy pumpkin

Have you seen the new navy and white pumpkins at Target?

No? Me either!

Apparently, they have been there awhile and I did not know it.

I happened upon the last 4 in the store.

They were a little beat up around the stems to say the least.

However, you know that between my pumpkin obsession and the fact that they were only $1.00 I couldn’t resist them.


A little orange glitter around the stem to hide the glue, problem solved!

Fall hutch

My fall hutch makes me so happy!

When I’m not using my new favorite pumpkin plates, they look perfect on the kitchen hutch.

It’s the perfect place to enjoy them every day!

Fall chalkboard

My fall chalkboard is all decked out.pumpkins

And lastly, my favorite velvet pumpkins are sprinkled “randomly” through out the castle.

I think that I’m ready for fall.

Admittedly,  I don’t put out a lot of fall until after Halloween.

I put out just enough random fall decor to get us all in the mood for cooler temps and the upcoming Halloween and fall season.

Happy Fall y’all!

Until next time….




  1. Love what you did with the Target pumpkins! I would have never thought of that. I would have just been disappointed and left them there. Well not anymore! Target here I come (fingers crossed) and you’ve got me shopping for some mums now too. I hope I can find some around here. Love your hutch and how awesome to have such a large area behind your sink to decorate! Love it all!!!!!

    1. Thank you Cindy! Finding the mums was an effort for sure. IT’s still so HOT! Hoping that the mums will get me in the fall mood for sure.

  2. Cute, cute, cute! Love those pumpkins of yours in that tray, and what you did to the Target navy. Hutch looks great with those plates. 😉
    I still haven’t gotten my mums yet. They’ll probably all be gone by the time I feel like putting them out (and babying them).

    1. Rita, I added your favorite thing to the target pumpkins – glitter! lol. I go back and forth every year with the mums. They are pretty but once they bloom – that’s it. Sometimes it just not worth the effort!

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