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How To Make Wooden Bead Napkin Rings

How to make wooden bead napkin rings

Lately I’ve seen wooden bead napkin rings every where on Pinterest. So cute! Once in awhile I get the urge to be crafty and look for something that I can actually use and something that hopefully isn’t too challenging. These fit the bill. After I made a few, I thought that I would share just how easy it is to make them! Just in case you would want to make a few for yourself.


Here’s what you will need to make them:
A ruler
a 4 inch piece of cardboard
An upholstery needle – or a piece of tape
Wooden beads (7 or more for each ring depending on the size of beads)

cutting twine 20

The first thing that you will do is cut a piece of twine 20 inches long.

wooden beads on twine

Using your 20 inch piece of twine, thread your twine through the upholstery needle. My needle was too big to fit through the holes in the beads, so I simply covered one end of the twine with scotch tape. It worked like a charm! Thread 7 beads onto your twine. For a little variety, I used 2 different sizes of beads.

wooden bead circle

Once you have your beads threaded onto the twine, take both ends of twine and tie a double knot.

twine wrapped around cardboard

Next, take your 4″ piece of cardboard and wrap twine around it until you get the size of tassel that you want. I think that I wrapped mine 10 times.
Be sure to start at the top of the cardboard and end at the top. This ensures that you have no cut ends at the top of the tassel.

cut twine for tassel

Carefully slid your twine off of the cardboard and cut the “top” of the bundle.

attaching twine tassel to bead circle

Grab your bead circle and  lay it out with the ends of the twine laying horizontally. Lay the bundle of twine that you just cut for your tassel across the horizontal twine attached to the beads. Make sure that the bundle is centered. Tie a double knot.

Next, grab the cut ends of the bundle and bring them together, leaving your original twine that is attached to the beads horizontal.

cutting twine ends on tassel

Holding onto the cut ends, grab the twine on your right and wrap it around the tassel a few times at the top of the tassel, leaving enough of a tail to tie a knot. Then grab the twine on your left and wrap it around the tassel several times going in the opposite direction from the first tail. Tie the two ends together using a double knot. Cut the ends off close to the double knot. Now trim the ends of your tassel so that they are all the same length. Your wooden bead napkin ring is finished!

So how did they turn out? I think they are super cute! Definitely an easy and fun craft that both young and old would enjoy. It’s just a bonus that not only do they look good, but they are useful too!

Happy Crafting!

Until next time…

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