I Need Your Help!

I need your help! It was raining yesterday so I decided to browse through all of my catalogs that have been piling up. I was looking at my Pier 1 catalog when I came across their Easter place settings.  They are so pretty ,soft, and totally beautiful.

This one really caught my eye! I was drooling over this spring theme with it’s soft colors. I could just see it on my table!

And then, I saw this one.  I love how organic it is. Don’t you love the small greenery  in the twig charger?  Truly swoon worthy.

All this beauty got me thinking. Could I do something similar without spending a fortune? Then I remembered that a few weeks back I had snapped a picture of a blue and white place setting from Pier 1 for my idea file. You know, just in case?

This is truly the worst picture ever! I searched high and low on-line for the original, but had zero luck.  Any who, I loved this place setting and remember thinking that I could  get really close to reproducing it with the plates and linens that I have.

So I pulled out all of my Easter dishes and got busy playing.  It was the perfect time to decide what place setting to use on my Easter table.

This was my first one.  Pretty close to the blue and white inspiration, right?  I still need to add the chargers, silverware, glassware etc. This is just the preliminary set up to see if I like it well enough to use on my Easter table.

Next up was my “lettuce” leaf dishes complete with a carrot napkin.   I can just see this one with bunnies.

Pulling out all of my stuff was really fun. I honestly had forgotten about these placemats. This one is so bright and fun!

My last setting was more organic. Grass green napkin and charger, peony napkin ring and a pale pink appetizer plate. This one reminds me of a Spring garden.

By the time I was done, I was so confused. Which one to pick? This is where you come in!

Which one would you choose?  A. The pretty blue and white one? B. The Spring Garden? C. Lettuce, carrots and bunnies? or D. The bright, happy fun one? Please let me know which is your favorite. Really – I need your help!!

Remember – these aren’t the completed place settings. Just the beginnings for my Easter table.  I can’t wait to see what you choose. Thanks in advance…



  1. I’m partial to “a” the blue and white theme! I confess that my house may have all white sofas and chairs but it is accented by blue!

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