Trash To Treasure Tissue Box

Trash To treasure tissue box

Welcome to this month’s DIY Challenge! This month our theme is Trash to Treasure. Which I love because there is nothing better than taking something old, worn or used and making it brand new! Like my trash to treasure tissue box. I’ve been needing a new one in my bath for awhile, so this is the perfect time to making everything old new again.

DIY Challenge

A quick thanks to Terrie at Decorate And More With Tip for hosting this month.

Also, if you are coming here from Hannah’s, Baggot Farmhouse, Welcome! I’m so happy to have you here!

Now let’s get started.

thrift store tissue box

Thrift Store Find

As soon as Terrie announced our challenge theme I hit my local thrift store.

This sad little tissue box was worn and was in need of a facelift.

However, at only $2.00 it was a perfect project.

wood filler and putty knife

Tissue Box Transformation

The first thing I did to the box was give it a good cleaning.

It had grooves running vertically on all sides of the box.

Since I was wanting to paint a design on the face of the box, they had to go.

The solution?

Wood filler.

filling grooves with wood putty

I filled the grooves with wood filler, let it dry, and then gave it a sand.

This process was repeated several times until all four sides were smooth.

Then several coats of white satin spray paint was given to the box.

fabric with matching acrylic paint

Hand Painting the Tissue Box

This is the fabric that I plan on using in my master bathroom.

I wanted the tissue box to compliment it, so I matched acrylic paint to the colors in the fabric.

Lining up pattern on tissue box

Last year I painted this waste basket and loved the style so much that I decided to do something similar on my tissue box.

I found a design that I liked, printed it off and taped it in place on my box.

Tracing a pattern onto a tissue box

Using erasable transfer paper and a stylus I traced the design onto my box.

Putting rub and buff on the tissue box

Adding Rub N Buff

When adding gold accents, one of my favorite things to use is Rub N Buff.

It’s so easy.

Just rub it on, then give it a good buff with a soft cloth!

Once the gold accents were complete, it was time to paint the design.

Painting the design is super easy when you’ve traced on a design!

Tissue box and co-ordinating fabric

Once the design had been painted and allowed to dry, the tissue box was given several light coats of clear spray finish.

I couldn’t be happier with my little trash to treasure tissue box!

It matches my fabric perfectly and will give my bathroom a little something extra!

Trash to treasure Tissue box

Now I hope that you will join me in visiting Niky at The House On Silverado.  I can’t wait to see what her trash to treasure is!

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 Until next time…


Trash To Treasure Tissue Box

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    1. Thanks Terrie. I loved this months theme of Trash to Treasure. Now I want to hit up the Thrift Store every day! ha!

  1. Wow, Tammy! What a transformation! I never would have thought to remove the grooves by filling them in with wood filler. The box looks so smooth and perfect now and oh, so pretty! I need to look for real tissue boxes now! Love the look!

  2. Your tissue box is perfection, Tammy! You are definitely one talented painter. I couldn’t paint between the lines if you paid me too! Love the colors you chose too!

    1. Thank you Niky. Trying to add in a little more color this year, but have to admit it’s out of my comfort zone!

    1. Thanks Cindy! Rub N Buff has been one of my fav’s for a long time. Im not sure but I think my mom used it crafting when I was living at home on her crafts. Gotta love it!

    1. Girl, thanks so much! I got so busy creating the L that I didn’t take a picture. Major FAIL! Honestly I just used the left side of the K for the vertical part of the L, then drew in the bottom Horizontal part with a ruler. Once that was done I added flourishes here and there. Sorry, I didn’t take pictures of this process!

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