Library Mural

Lib mural 6

A few weeks ago I shared with you a sneak peek of the new murals in Erma Nash Library in Mansfield, TX. My BFF Rox’s daughter, Ashley, is the new librarian there and wanted to add a little color to her library. Well, I am happy to announce that the library mural is finished and I can now share it with you.

em mural

We added on to a few of the paintings I shared with you earlier….

lib mural 9

The giving tree got a lot larger…

lib. mural 7

Lily’s Purple Plastic Purse was added.  Love her glittery red cowboy boots!

lib mural 8

Charlotte’s message for the farmer… Wilbur was one terrific pig!

lib mural 4

Across the library we added a new mural. It doesn’t look like it, but these books are three feet tall! James’s Giant Peach really is giant…sorry I couldn’t resist!

lib mural

This is the entire wall finished. Although, I will tell you that we ran out of time and didn’t get everything in the mural that we wanted to. We wanted to add The Hungry Bear, Esperanza, and Harry Potter flying for the snitch with Hogwarts in the background…. so much to do with so little time! Maybe next summer….

lib mural 2

A close up of the Very Hungry Caterpillar.

lib mural 1

Where the Wild Things Are….

“And now, cried Max, let the wild rumpus start!” It is time for the new school year to begin.  My BFF Roxanne and I  hope that our favorite Librarian Ashley and all the children at Erma Nash Elementary have a most wonderful school year!

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