Little Girl’s Vanity


little girl's vanity

Happy Valentine’s Day y’all! Today I’m sharing  a special project that I’ve been working on for a few weeks now for my sweet great niece.  A little girl’s vanity!

I snagged this sweet little piece on FB Marketplace. 

It was missing a seat and the top needed refinished, but other than that it was in good shape!

taking the vanity apart

Step One

The first thing I did was take the vanity apart.

adding lights to the vanity

Step 2

Originally my plan was to simply repaint the vanity top and add a new stool for a seat.

But then  found a strand of lights and thought – why not add lighting to the vanity mirror.

Since my math skills weren’t equal to the project I had The Hubs drill holes for the new lights.

taping the light strings to the vanity

Once the holes were drilled it was simply a matter of pulling the round light covers off of the lights and inserting the lights into the holes from the back side.

Then replace the white light covers onto the lights from the front side of the mirror.

On the back, I looped the light string neatly and taped it down with clear packing tape.

The batter pack will be adhered with velcro once the vanity is put back together!

vanity lights

It turned out so cute!!!

Adding rhinestones to the vanity

Step 3

Now, let’s be honest, I could have stopped with the lights, but why not be a little “extra”?

I added large rhinestones in between the lighting for a little extra sparkle!


adding rhinestones to the vanity

Step 4

And while I was adding bling to the mirror, I painted the drawer pulls gold and added a rhinestone there too!

vanity table

Step 5

Finally it was time to address the vanity table top.

I sanded it really well, then added a few coats of white paint.

Back of the vanity

Step 6

Once the vanity was put back together I attached the battery pack to the back with velcro.

Easy to remove and change the batteries.

AND it’s placement makes it super easy to turn it off and on!lining the vanity drawers

To finish out the vanity, I took some fun wrapping paper and lined all three drawers.

Little Girls Vanity

Step 7

The last thing to do on the vanity was find a pretty chair.

Sadly, I wasn’t happy with what I found or the price of some I found.

So I’m still looking for the perfect small chair.

Until then I took a 5 gallon bucket and covered the lid with foam and fabric to create with storage!

Little girl's vanity

I was super happy with how this little girl’s vanity turned out, but more importantly, so was my great niece!

Until next time…



Little Girls Vanity

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