My Fall Front Porch

It’s been raining cats and frogs here at the castle. I’m in need of some serious light therapy! Instead of therapy, during a brief respite from the rain, I chose to  clean off the summer front porch and decorate my fall front porch.

my fall front porch

Recently, one of my favorite bloggers was a little incredulous that there are people who actually use faux pumpkins. I get where she was coming from. I do.

However,  those of us who live in the southern states totally get the faux pumpkin craze. It’s still HOT here.

Any good southerner knows that putting a real pumpkin out in September is asking for a special kind of pumpkin soupy mess! No thank you.

With that said, this September has been a little different.

It has rained so much that my front porch has become a dirty, mossy mess.


After a good scrubbing, I’m fairly certain that the moldy moss is semi-permanent.

However, like Scarlet, I’ll deal with that another day. Once all of the rain has stopped.

Today, I put out a new door mat.

I’m in love!

Thank you Hobby Lobby.


Next, I pulled out my favorite fall wreath.

Unfortunately, the bow had definitely seen better days.


I removed the old bow and made a new one to match the new door mat.


Such a simple way to up-date an old favorite.

my fall front porch

My new fall porch needed some flowers.

In my mind, I wanted some white mums.

However, that is not what I got.

I found these dual toned yellow and orange flowers and fell in love with them.

Then, I drug out the faux real pumpkins!

my fall front porch

It just would not be fall without my Pumpkins for Sale sign!

It’s one of my favorites too!

welcome mat

My fall front porch is finished. For now.

The sun is suppose to come out next week, so hopefully the mossy mess will be gone by then.

When these mums are spent, I can always introduce some new white ones.

But for now, I’m loving a small spot of color in this rainy September!

Until next time….



  1. Very pretty. I have the same issue with mold on my porch so I mixed a concoction of bleach, water and comet. First I wet the porch and let the water stand for about 10 minutes, then sprayed the floor with my mix, let it rest a while and then washed it off with my pressure washer. Good as new. With a small porch you could scrub with a brush to get the same effect. Smells better, too!!

  2. Well now, that’s super cute already! I cleaned my porch of all the cobwebs of summer and sprayed against spiders (again), but the heat here just keeps on keepin’ on. I guess I’ll get my pumpkins after Florence leaves the area next week. My fern is still going great guns, but I did change my wreath. Your porch is adorable!

    1. Rita it’s still so hot here. I keep hoping that by decorating for fall that I will get into the mood. Florence has given us a ton of rain and humidity here too. I swear I’m scrubbing the mossy moldy stuff off of the front porch once a week right now…. fingers crossed for cooler temps!

  3. I am totally in love with your wreath…how did you do the bow of the same ribbon, another with another ribbon and so on and then just bunched them together?

    1. Bj, I lay three different sized ribbons on top of each other and then start looping and twisting. I’ll try and serif I can find a tutorial and post for you. Thanks -the wreath is one of my very favorites.

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