Random Acts of Kindness

Woo Hoo! September is here and so is Ten on the 10th. Ten fun, fab bloggers sharing fun ideas on the 10th of the month. This months theme is random acts of kindness.

ten on the 10th

The hubs and I both come from families that believe in service to others.

My mother and father started a food pantry in the small community that they live in years ago. My sister, who is a minister, still runs it and spends tireless hours serving her community.

The Hub’s family has always been involved in their church and community charities.

This is a tradition that we have all tried to pass down to our children.

I don’t tell you this to pat ourselves on the back, I just want to give you our background so you will know where I’m coming from.

Random Acts of kindness

Sometimes, in our need to help people with the big things, we over look making small gestures that could make someones day better.

You know, the stressed out mom, a sick neighbor,  or someone who’s on overload.

All of those could use a pat on the back or a pick me up.

Recently, I decided to open my eyes to those around me who could use a random act of kindness.

For my first R.A.O.K., I decided to pass out a few cups, or mugs, of cheer.


First, a quick shopping trip to Home Goods, where I found some pretty mugs.

ribbon and mug

Next, I raided my closet for some pretty ribbon and filler.

wooden cut out

I’m always on the look out for fun and unusual gift tags.

Unfortunately, I’ve used up my stash lately, so I decided to make some.

I found a few of these wooden cut outs at Michael’s.

wooden bird

I gave it a quick coat of paint, then drilled a hole in the top.

As you can see, I wasn’t thinking and drilled the hole after I painted my sweet little bird.

I recommend doing this before painting.

No one wants to mess up a cute paint job!

wooden bird

I always love adding a message to the back!


Next, I strung a ribbon through the hole.

Random acts of kindness

Then, I taped it to the inside of the mug.

Random Acts of kindness

Once I tied on a pretty bow, it was time to fill the mug of cheer with goodies.

This ones for a neighbor, who just had a birthday, so I added her favorite teas along with a Duncan Hines Perfect Size for 1 Confetti Cake package.

At this point, you could wrap your mug up in cellophane and tie on a bow.

Or maybe, put it in a pretty gift bag.

So, how much did my mugs cost me?

I did have several things already on hand, however the total came to $4.13.

I’m a firm believer that a happy person makes those around them happy!

While my mugs of cheer may not change the world, I hope they spread a little happiness to a few people who need it.

Until next time…..


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    1. I love the title of “happy friends” Patti. I have a few of those too, I just never thought of them that way. Thanks for the new perspective!

  1. I really love this! The mug is so perfect and filling something small like that with goodies a friend will love, is easy. Your handmade tag is the best though!

    I’m thinking I could pick up some cute mugs at Dollar Tree and give out a few of these. Thanks for the fun idea and the kindness.

    1. Stacey I think the Dollar Tree would be the perfect place to pick up some cute mugs, maybe even some fun tags! I will definitely be stopping by there in the future. Great idea!

    1. Kim, I had to laugh at the thumb ring comment. Thank you. So hard to take pictures without my hands or the dog appearing in the picture!

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