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My New/Old Table

Endurable old new

A few years ago I found this really cute round table at a garage sale. I even knew how I wanted to paint it before I got it home. Score!

And then I brought it home, put it in my living room and quickly forgot all about painting it!

End table

It has been so darn cold and wet and dark here that I haven’t been painting a whole lot.  Too cold in the garage. So I decided to move my painting inside and paint some smaller pieces.  My new/old table was the first to get painted.

It was in okay shape. It had some dings and dents with a medium walnut stain.  The top of the table has a leather insert in the center with gold trim on the edge that is in pretty good shape also. I was pretty certain that I wanted to leave the leather unpainted.

Since it was going back into my living room, which is off-white and black with pops of turquoise, reds and golds.  I decided to use Annie Sloans Graphite with a dark stain.

endtable 1

I applied two coats of graphite, lightly distressed the table and once dry I gave it  a coat of dark wax.

endtable 8

Once it was dry, I put gold painted highlights here and there on the edges of the piece. Just a tiny bit to give it a little shimmer. I was going to change the hardware but that has proven to be a challenge. It is a weird size. And curved. I don’t hate this one, I just wanted something with a little more weight. More chunky.  For now – I love this one!endtable 7

Now on to the top. There were a few faint water marks on the leather that no matter how much I conditioned they weren’t going anywhere! I couldn’t hide it so I decided to personalize it! With a little stenciling.

endtable 2

A little more of the gold metallic paint and this is finished piece.

endtable 5

My old/new table back in the living room.  I love it. Really, really love it. I could kick myself for not doing it sooner!

endtable 6

Here is a little closer look.  I love the finished product. So much so that I am planning on painting the table at the other end of the sofa to match! Oh, and I must hide that cord! Pet Peeve #4400! We can put a man on the moon but we can’t hide cords?

Until next time….


  1. Tammy, I so enjoy viewing your ‘Paint and Patina’ . I finally figured out who you are….You probably don’t know who I am but I was at your wedding!!!! Love your dad andl your sister. Love, Charlene

    1. Charlene,
      Welcome to my site, and I DO know who you are! My Dad talks about you all the time. Also, I have been doing genealogy for both sides of the family and come across the occasional photo of you. So happy to connect with you!!!!

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