Painting Wooden Signs

Wooden Signs 15


Funny thing, I have been painting wooden signs for other people for a long time, but I have never painted one for myself.

Wooden signs 1

I painted these signs for my friend Gigi just before Christmas.

wooden signs 2

She wanted signs with wording that meant something to her family instead of the generic ones that you find everywhere.

Wooden signs

I had a “left over” sign… it was meant to be!

wooden signs 4

I stained the sign brown. Then painted it white, followed by a coat of Duck Egg. A little distressing and it was ready to go.

I printed off the initial of my last name, turned it over and taking a pencil, I colored over the entire letter area. Flip your letter over and place it where you want it…

wooden signs 5

Take an ink pen and outline the letter. Where ever you draw with the pen, the pencil will transfer leaving you an outline of you letter so you can clearly see where to paint. So Easy! Now… just paint!

This trick doesn’t work with every sign, some I  just draw by hand ,but for simple lettering this is fast and easy!

Wooden signs 6

TA DA!!!! Here is my lovely painted wooden sign!

wooden signs 7

Perfect on my front porch!

Lovin’ that I have my own wooden sign!  Not bad for an afternoons worth of work.

Until next time….


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