Navy and Orange Fall Front Porch

Painted pumpkins

Remember these painted pumpkins? They were the jumping off point for my navy and orange fall porch.

I painted them to match my front door and my new doormat.

Normally, I tend to stay with black as my “neutral” color, then add all the wonderful fall colors from white to a deep orange.

But this year, I felt the need to change things up a bit.

Go with something a little unexpected.

Hello pumpkin door mat

I shared this new fall doormat with you a few weeks ago.

Have I told you how much I love it?

Sorry! But I really do!

Well, this doormat sealed the deal.

Navy and orange were officially my fall front porches colors.

fall garden wreath

I ordered a new fall garden flag to match my new colors.

Which was harder than it sounds, as not many retailers have navy as a fall color.

This picture doesn’t do this cute little flag justice.

It has lots of textures and the colors just pop off of the navy background.

Pumpkin for sale sign

I put my favorite fall sign up also.

This sign has been on our fall front porch for a few years now.

I’m debating whether or not to paint the black navy so that it will match.

What do you think?

Happy Harvest wreath

All my fall front porch needed was a wreath on the front door.

I made few of these last month.

The Dollar Tree had these sweet happy harvest truck signs in both red and blue.

I wanted the blue, however my Dollar Tree didn’t have a blue one.

While I was disappointed, I figured that the red would still match my front porch.

Happy Harvest wreath

Then my sweet friend Darlene called and told me that she found a blue truck for me in Dallas!

Woo hoo! That girl is just the sweetest!

Navy and Orange fall front porch

My hunt for mums ended this past Saturday.

Everywhere I went I asked for mums and got “the look”.

You know the one, the one that you get a lot from guys who work at big box stores when you are wanting something outside of the box!

Yeah, that one.

Navy and orange fall front porch

Yes, I know that it’s over 100 degrees, but this girls got a blog and needs to get her mums for the front porch!

While they did not have any white ones, that’s okay.

By October, I will probably need to buy news because, yes it is 100 degrees and mums just aren’t that happy in hot weather.

My navy and orange fall porch is complete and I couldn’t be happier with it.

Until next time….


  1. Totally adorbs, Tammy! Love that color scheme (it’s my LR, lol)! Yes, I would go ahead and paint the sign frame blue to match. You can always change it back.
    This is definitely an eye catcher, especially for potential buyers!

  2. Tammy, I love the pops of color especially the blue 🥏 and the yellow 🌝. Your porch looks “friendly,” welcoming. I know you have mentioned here on the blog that your porch is a bit small; are you looking for a larger one in your new home 🏡? Think of all the fun you will have! My front porch is a bit small, too; not enough room to do much decorating. Yours looks great with your sweet pumpkins. Love your blog!

    1. Hi Shirley! Thanks for the sweet comments. Yes, the house that we are looking at actually has a wrap around porch. If that’s where we end up it will be the largest front porch we have ever had!The nice thing about a small porch is that it doesn’t take much to decorate it. Have a great weekend!

    1. Thank you Cindy! We should all have a friend like Darlene. She’s definitely a keeper for more reasons than one. She’s the funniest person I know! Add that to a hear of gold and you have a really great friend. I’m with you, I’m ready to bring on the Fall!

  3. I am totally in love with your front porch. The two colors together are one of my favorites this fall. I love the little garden flag that ties all the colors together and your wreath!!! Love that.

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