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$10 on the 10th

Welcome to $10 on the 10th! This month’s themes is Outdoor/ Gardening. Which is perfect as I’m still working on getting my outdoor spaces ready for summer. I’ve been looking for awhile for outdoor coasters. But I’ve been really picky.

Something cute, yet functional.

They have to absorb condensation from a sweaty glass.

And they had to be able to hold different sizes of glasses.

Apparently, that’s a tall order.

So I decided to make my own.computer screen

I began my search on-line.

Not sure what rabbit hole I went down but these flower pot saucers popped up on Michaels site and I knew that they would be perfect.

They just needed  a little extra added!

And the price at .79 each was fantastic, so I purchased 8 of them.

coasters with painted centers

Using multi-surface paint, I painted the centers of each coaster.

painted flower coaster

Once the center was dry, I painted a different flower on 4 coasters.

adding detail with black paint pen

Once they were dry, I went back in and added detail with a black paint pen.

Now, I know you are saying “What if I don’t paint?”.

I have a  couple of solutions for you.

Decals or Mod Podge.

Any napkin or design printed off of the computer would work just as well as paint!

coasters and sealer

Once all of the paint was dry, I sealed both the inside and the outside of my coasters with a craft sealer.

However, any sealer would work.

chalk pen and coaster

After finishing the 4 flower coasters, I got brave and decided to do a few fun ones.

Using a chalk pencil, because it’s easy to erase, I drew on drink slogans.

Sip, Gulp, Drink and Chill.

painting with a paint pen

Then simply went over the words with a white paint pen.

Depending on how dark your painted circle is, you may have to go over the wording a few times.

rae dunn inspired coaster

Once that was dry, I added a few vines, polk a dots and flowers to tie them into the painted flower coasters.coaster on table

I love how my coasters turned out!

tray with coasters

They are everything  wanted!

So how much did it cost me total?

Coasters: $6.84

Paint, paint pen and sealer: 0.00 – I already had all of this in my craft closet.

For a total of 8 coasters, that’s a bargain!


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Until next time…

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  1. These are amazing! You are so talented painting free hand. Flower pot bottoms come in handy for so many things with crafts.

    1. You are so right Cindy, I love using the flower pot saucers and these were the perfect size for glasses.

    1. Thank you Terrie. It was fun to paint, but if you didn’t want to paint you could also stencil, or mod podge and they would look great!

  2. These are so bright and cheery. Does the sealant and paint prevent the coaster from absorbing the condensation? I know that some mod poshest are not good for coasters because the sweat reverts it back to wet glue. Your painting detail is fabulous!!

    1. The sealant does prevent the water from absorbing. If I had it to do over I might only seal the flowers and slightly around them. BUT because the saucer is like a tiny bowl, it does catch the water and keep it off of the tables. As for the Mod Podge, try the dishwasher safe one. It’s pretty good!

  3. Tammy, I love that you made your own coasters and they turned out fabulously!!! I love the blue background and your painted flowers look really real. <3 Fun project and I might have to try that soon!

    Happy to be hopping with you again; thank you for hosting!
    Barb 🙂

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