Queen’s Christmas Party

The Queen’s Christmas party always kicks off my holiday season.  It is fun, crazy, loud, and full of all things merry!

I honestly cannot imagine the holidays without these seven crazy women! So how did we celebrate this year? I’m glad you asked. We did a lot!

We start with dinner. This is always a good time. It’s where we catch up on everything, tell crazy stories – which are many – and fortify ourselves for the fun to come.

Last year we changed up our Christmas party. We used to do an ornament exchange, but after so many years of gifting ornaments, our trees were full. So, we added a “make and take”. This year’s project was a rustic Christmas tree.

Each Queen was asked to bring green paint, a 50 count string of Christmas lights and their favorite 3″ ribbon. Thanks to The Hubs for making the trees for us!

Step one was to paint the tree.

While the paint on the tree was drying, we moved into the living room where we had a Christmas sock exchange. If you haven’t heard of this, you can find how to do a Christmas sock exchange here.

Once everyone had opened their socks and goodies, we tried them on and put “one foot in” for a sock photo! Aren’t they the cutest socks? I love mine!

We begged my neighbor, Laura, to come and take our yearly photo for us. God bless her. Taking our photo is like herding kittens, or ducks, or lizards.

Here’s one – out of 75 – where everyone is actually looking at the camera, eyes open, smiling, not talking, sitting still, hands to their selves and facing forward.

Yay, us!

Our reward for sitting for a “good” picture is a silly one!

Once we were done opening socks and taking photos, it was time to finish up our trees.

We strung lights on the trees and added bows for tree toppers.

Due to time restraints, we decided that everyone would paint their tree base and add extra decor to the trees at home.

So how did they turn out?

Awesome of course! I couldn’t post all 8 of the trees, so I took the first two that were sent to me.

Queen Andrea used white string lights and hung tiny red ornaments from her tree.  It is now her kitchen Christmas tree.

Queen Donna’s tree is proudly displayed on her front porch.  So pretty!

In all honesty, they all turned out beautifully. I have such talented Queens.

The 2017 Queen’s Christmas party was so much fun, I can’t wait for next year!

Merry Christmas from The Queens!

Until next time…..




  1. Tammy, this looks like so much fun! I have a group of ladies from our old neighborhood coming tomorrow night. I wonder what make and take I could come up with. 😉

    1. Stacey,
      We do have fun for sure. I’m sure that you could come up with something super fun to make and take! Be sure to share….

  2. So fun! Love the trees, but even just the dinner and sock exchange looked so fun.I have a photo from a sock gift one year of all my sisters-in-law….I have one brother-in-law who plays Santa every single year and gives slipper socks to all the gals. I have such an assortment, and so many I love!
    Jingle on!

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