Rearranging My Office

I blame Miss Mustard Seed and Silhouette Curio for the rearranging my office. No, MMS and Silhouette did not pay me to say that, but it’s the truth!

With my recent hand injury I have spent more than my fair share of time shopping on line. Don’t Judge! A girl has to get her entertainment where she can!

I’m just gonna be honest and throw this out there, these are the worst photos ever. All were taken with my iPhone, which I will be replacing on Friday. However, that’s a whole other issue. Sorry!

I’ve been a Miss Mustard Seed fan forever. As a fellow furniture painter, I really love her style! She recently featured her book The Home Design Doodle Book, which you can find here.

I love looking at home design books and have been wanting to refresh the castle a bit, so I couldn’t resist ordering this one. It’s a step by step, start to finish, instructional book on everything from how to find your style to how to arrange your room. Hands on. My kind of book.

So how does buying MMS’s new book figure in to rearranging my office?

I bought this.

Here’s the thing, I already have an antiquated Cricket and a Silhouette Portrait.  There is no room in the Queen’s office for a new machine!

So, I thought that I would use MMS’s book to help me rearrange my office.

I skipped past finding my style and shopping for the room, let’s face it, I have more than enough furniture and accessories, and went straight to the layout part.

I measured all of the pieces of furniture in my room and transferred the measurements to graph paper to create accurate paper furniture pieces.

Then , I laid out the room on graph paper.

Then it was time to play with the placement of the furniture in my room.

Guess what I decided?

Drum roll please…. I decided to leave the room exactly how I had it arranged from the start! At least for now.

While the black dresser isn’t the best place for my machines, it really is the only place in my office for the time being.
However, I did decide that maybe  a LOT little decluttering and a lot of cleaning might be in order!

I once heard that creative people are messy.  Works for me!

Right now you are thinking that I went to an awful lot of work, only to leave my office furniture exactly where it was. Maybe, but not as much work as moving furniture around all day. The Hubs is thanking me right about now!

As Miss Mustard Seed says: There is no right or wrong when it comes to decorating!

So True!

Until next time…..



  1. Wow! I’m not really a crafty girl but seeing this makes me think I need a crafty room with pretty blue walls. We have an extra bedroom right now that I’m trying to decide about….just another bedroom or something fun? I love what you did!! The colors and creative touches are very inviting.

    1. Thanks Stacey! I have to admit we have tossed around moving when The Hubs retires and I kind of get the hives thinking about loosing the room. If you want to see a truly awesome craft room check out Sara’s at Thrifty Decor Chick. She turned her loft into a craft room/office.

  2. That’s funny that you ended up with the same configuration! And I’ve done what you’ve done on paper before, trying to figure out antique booth space layouts before we get to the mall. It’s so hard to rearrange what are really 4 booth spaces while customers are shopping. If we have good idea ahead of time, it eliminates wasted time shuffling (although we still do that, but mostly with the small stuff at the end).
    Your space looks good. Decluttering is a project in itself.

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