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$10 on the 10th

Woo Hoo! It’s 10 on the 10th! Each month on the 10th a group of fun bloggers get together and share their ideas that cost under $10. This month our Theme is Patriotic/ Summer. Today I’m sharing a Summer ribbon wreath!


wreath supplies


Wooden flower – I bought mine at Dollar Tree


Wire wreath form – I had this one for years and keep reusing it.

Wired Ribbon – My ribbon came from my craft closet

Craft paint

Paint brush


cutting ribbon

This wreath came about for a couple of reasons.

  1. I needed to get rid of my MANY half used rolls of ribbon.
  2.  I’m giving my porch a refresh and needed a wreath for the front door.

Step 1:

Cut ribbon in 8″ pieces.

I started out cutting them 12″ long but quickly found that that was way too long.

Cut 8 – 10 pieces of each ribbon you are using.

I used a total of 10 different patterns of ribbon.

cutting ribbon ends

Step 2:

Dovetail each piece of ribbon on both ends.

By “dovetail” I mean to fold the ribbon in half with the wire sides touching.

Starting about 1/2″ from the end, cut from the center of the folded ribbon to the outside wire edges.

This forms a dovetail.

mini ribbon bow

Step 3:

Make mini bows.

Use 4 different ribbons at a time make mini bows.

Using your largest ribbon first, pinch the middle, then choose 3 other ribbons to add to the first ribbon.

Pinch each ribbon as you add it on top of the first ribbon.

Tie off the mini bow with a 6″ piece of jute.

Pull the bow apart so that you can see all ribbons.

tying ribbon onto wreath form

Step 4:

Tie mini bows to the wreath form.

Flip the wreath over so that you can work from the back side.

Start on the outside edge and tie a mini bow to the first 2 rings.

Next, tie a mini bow to the 2nd and 3rd rings.

Then tie a mini bow to the 3rd and 4th rings.

Push them together until they touch, being careful not to get them too close together.

Continue doing this until you have covered your entire wreath.

fluffing ribbon

Step 5:

Fluff the bows.

Turn your wreath right side up.

Fluff the bows and make sure that there are no holes and that the wire wreath form can’t be seen.


completed ribbon wreath


I find it helpful to hang my wreath when doing this.

painted wooden flower, ribbon

Step 6:

Add the wooden painted flower.

I painted this flower the color of the ribbons.

Using the holes that were already in it when I bought it, I restrung the jute twine and tie it to the wreath.

front door, flowers, doormat

That’s it!

Honestly, this was one of the easiest wreaths I’ve ever made.

Yes, I know it’s bright and busy, however this wreath could be made in any color.

Not only is it cute, but I used up a lot of ribbon that was just sitting in bins.

Which is a win/win for me.

Cost: $1.09!

It pays to shop your own craft room!

Now please join me in visiting the other 10 on the 10th participants and see what fun things they are sharing.

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ribbon wreath

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