Winter Flowers on the Front Porch

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Winter flowers on the front porch are always a dilemma for me. I’m not kidding.


Especially since it is still a warm 84 degrees here in north Texas. I’m still wearing shorts most days. I am really ready for cooler temperatures. So are my flowers. What should you do when the summer and fall flowers look a little tired, but its still warm? Good question.


I really can’t believe that I am sharing my sad plants with you.


Apparently when we put out the Halloween decorations in the front yard The Hubs turned off the sprinkler system and forgot to tell me. Not good, peeps, not good!


Here’s where my dilemma comes into play. Do I buy more fall flowers or go with winter flowers? I decided to do a little of both.

I bought this norfolk pine two years ago at Christmas. Good news is that it’s still alive. Bad news is that it needed to be re-potted last year. Did I ever tell you that outdoor flowers and I are best friends? However, indoor flowers and I …. not so much. It took me awhile, but it finally occurred to me that maybe my little Norfolk Pine  might be happier planted outside.


A quick trip to the plant store was disappointing. All I found were mums and a few sickly looking kale plants. Apparently Monday is not the day to look for plants.

I was driving by Walmart and thought I would give their nursery a quick look and found the most beautiful mix of Kale plants ever! These pictures do not do them justice. AT. All!! They are gorgeous!


They were so pretty I didn’t even look at the tag until I got home. Cool Color combo, colors get bold when it gets cold. How cool is that? Another cool fact about these flowers? They only cost $10.00! The kale plants are really large. There are three to four kale plants and a green spikey plant in each arrangement. I bought two. One to break apart for planting and one to leave in its pot.


In my large urn I planted the Norfolk pine, along with a couple of the kale plants and some violas.


The rest of the plants from that container, along with some violas, went into the wire basket on the front porch.


The second planter found a home at the base of the black urn, nestled into a container of pansies and a few pumpkins.


My winter flowers on the front porch many not be too bright right now, but I’m confident with a little patience and water they will fill in beautifully and last me throughout the winter.

I can’t wait for it to get cold to quit wearing shorts to see how bright and colorful the kale plants get. Don’t worry, I’ll be happy to share pictures with you as the grow and get more colorful!


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  1. Those are pretty, Tammy! We’re coming to TX this weekend for a wedding and talk about the weather….it’s a real dilemma on what to pack, especially for air travel restrictions on weight!

    1. Rita,
      I always try to layer here. I start out with a medium to light weight outfit and bring a fun jacket or pashmina! Not sure what area of TX you are headed to but other than a little rain the temps should be mild. Not sure if this helps at all! Good luck and have fun!

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